Learn the unique way YOU hide … so you can drop the facade, find your real tribe, and finally make a great living doing YOUR thing!

Your approval seeking persona is the “façade” you create to get approval from the people around you (or avoid rejection).

Everybody has a persona (multiple ones actually). It’s normal!

So What’s the Prob?

If you use a persona to hide Who You Really Are, you are watering yourself down in exchange for a “false sense of belonging.” Depending on your personality type, you stay quiet, hyper-perform, try to look “perfect,” play small or just rollover like a doormat.

The Result…

… you are invisible to your tribe (the people you were meant to serve doing your thing),

… your message falls flat,

… you feel like an imposter,

… almost everything you do smacks of “apology energy”

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can drop the façade, show up as YOU (no apologies!) and actually magnify your tribe, the ones who will pay you good money to do your thing in the world.

But first you need to know the unique way you disconnect from Who You Really Are to “fit in,” be liked, get approval or avoid judgment, criticism and rejection.

Find out your approval seeking persona right now!

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About Amy

Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson is a Master Certified Life Coach, coach mentor, and instructor for Martha Beck’s life coach training.  She is a teacher, writer and speaker. A former approval addict (with the occasional relapse), Amy is now addicted to success. Her mission is nothing short of world peace by empowering every woman on a mission to attract their ideal clients (tribe), make great money, and have an epic impact while doing their unique work in the world.